Public Crowds

Outdoor and Indoor Film Showings training and Equipment.

Receive equipment you can use to show the JESUS film in your communities. These are just a few pieces of equipment available to you when we become partners.


Jesus Film Project App

You don’t need to speak another language to reach someone’s heart. The smartphone app will help you share Jesus in more than 1,800 languages.

Wifi Hotspot Device

The WiFi Hotspot Device prepares your film team with materials to safely share the gospel.

SD Card Ministry

Turn a single Micro SD card into a media-multiplying tool! Insert a Micro SD card loaded with Jesus Film media into the adapter and place it into an Android phone or tablet. You can then transfer The Jesus Film,Bibles,  training materials, and more.


You can make a meaningful impression in the lives of people around you by simply building relationships and using the JESUS film, Magdalena, and The Story of Jesus for Children DVDs to share history’s most significant story.

Resource Manage

Jesus Film Project Resources for South Africa

  • Jesus Film - TV Broadcasting
  • Jesus Film Radio – Audio Broadcasting
  • Digital Online Resources: Micro SD Card Ministry, JF Website, YouTube, QR Codes
  • Strategies and Recourse Material
  • Small Group Discipleship Material
  • Link / transition in to Church Plant Strategy
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