Jesus Film Audio Segment WhatsApp Strategy

Audio Strategy

You need:

Data, 2 x Smartphones with WhatsApp using WhatsApp Voice Message Recorder or the phone’s Voice Recorder as well as the Jesus Film App on one of the phones.


Create your own Jesus Film Audio Segment with Discussion Questions for an Audio WhatsApp Ministry in your own language.


1.) This easy technique will enable anybody to create Jesus Film Audio Segments with Descriptions and Questions in their own language for their own area. 2.) It is a very cost-effective way to share Jesus Film Audio content via WhatsApp in areas where people have limited data. 3.) By including the Descriptions and Questions, people can listen to both and reflect deeper. 4.) People that cannot read can now partake in an Audio Group Session. 4.) Start a WhatsApp Group, send a Jesus Film Audio every other day and they can reply with their answers in the group via Text or Voice Message. 5.) People can Download and Save the Audio File as well as Forward-Share or Bluetooth it.

Use it on any platform where you can forward MP3’s onto.

Download PDF for Steps.

Listen to an Example.

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