Digital FollowUp

Online Discipleship Links

Welcome to this page! You were maybe touched by a video, an app or some other material and want to take the next step:


WhatsApp the word “OK” to this number +27 84 33 00 135 and a Auto-Reply menu will give you a few options.

Download PDF here: How to use this WhatsApp Follow-Up Number.

Follow-Up Menu Links: Click on the links.

If you have difficulties with the Follow-Up number you can follow these links below:

  1. Invitation to Know Jesus Personally > a.) Short Video.  b.) Invitation Prayer
  2. New Believer > a.) Get Started Course.
  3. Want to Grow > Basic a.) The Growing God Series. Advanced b.) More Discipleship Courses
  4. Want to get Involved  > a.) Become a E-Coach b.) Contact Us c.) Jesus Film App
  5. Quick Survey > a.) Did the material help?
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