Strategies & Tools

Jesus Film Project App

You don’t need to speak another language to reach someone’s heart. The smartphone app will help you share Jesus in more than 1,800 languages.

DVD & Blu-ray Versions

Equip ministers, missionaries, churches and more with copies of "JESUS" (and other films) on DVD and Blu-ray.

Knowing Jesus

From the initial discovery of Jesus, to the discipleship of new believers with a heart to multiply, the strategy they need is Knowing Jesus.

GodTools App

GodTools offers you a variety of simple ways to walk someone through how to develop a relationship with God. Grow your confidence in talking about what you believe, with tools that are being used in conversations all over the world.

Audio Only Versions

Download and listen to "The Story of Jesus" Audiodrama in 400+ languages (MP3 Format).

File Zero

Reach teenagers with the gospel using this 14-part animated video series. Lead spiritual discussions with leader guides and discussion questions.

Reflections of Hope

Reflections of Hope is an eight-lesson Bible study that helps women deepen their understanding of Jesus' love and care for them. They learn of His promise to be with them each step of life's journey.


Kids Around the World has partnered with the Jesus Film to introduce StoryClub Lessons. These Bible lessons allow children to become eye-witnesses and active participants in God’s Story, not just distant observers.

Global Short Film Network

Are you a filmmaker looking for methods to create visual stories? The GSFN helps ministries create or choose from short films to spark conversations about Jesus.

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