Strategies & Tools

Jesus Film Project App

A free digital library of all our films, available to watch in hundreds of languages on your Apple or Android devices.

DVD & Blu-ray Versions

Equip ministers, missionaries, churches and more with copies of "JESUS" (and other films) on DVD and Blu-ray.

Women's Strategies

Women are key to introducing their families and communities to Jesus. Here you can discover Bible studies and films that will help you share hope and freedom with those closest to you.

GodTools App

GodTools offers you a variety of simple ways to walk someone through how to develop a relationship with God. Grow your confidence in talking about what you believe, with tools that are being used in conversations all over the world.

Audio Only Versions

Download and listen to "The Story of Jesus" Audiodrama in 400+ languages (MP3 Format).


DVD Sales



The App

The Wifi Hotspot

Digital Missions

Women Strategies

Magdalena Strategy 


Outdoor Film Showings

Teenagers / Youth

File Zero


Story of Jesus for Children

Story Club


Athletes in Action

The Prize

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