Oral Stories

We have developed a set of 52 stories based on the Scriptures and the film Magdalena that enable you to teach these basic concepts to anyone, whether they can read or not.  "This FOLLOW-UP STRATEGY is an intentional church-planting strategy using stories from God's Word. The stories can be used to start small groups for evangelism and discipleship."

One Year Bible Study - Journey through the Bible in 52 ±3min Stories:

Creation • Disobedience •  Abraham’s Call • Son Promised to Sarah • Abraham’s Faith Tested • Wife for Isaac • A Leader Is Born • Call of Moses • Call of Samuel • David’s Anointing • David and Bathsheba • Nathan’s Story • Elijah and The Widow • God and Elijah • The Widow’s Oil • Elisha and Naaman • Promise • John-The Forerunner • An Angel Visits Mary and Joseph • Birth of Jesus/Dedication and Early Years • Jesus’ Baptism • Wedding at Cana • Jesus and Nicodemus • Woman At The Well John • Anointed by A Sinful Woman • Jesus and the Demoniac • Dying Daughter/Bleeding Woman • The Cost of Following Jesus • Sinful Woman Forgiven • Sending The Followers • A Story of Compassion • Parable of the Lost Sheep • Parable of the Lost Son • Triumphal Entry • Jealous Religious Leaders • Last Supper • Jesus Comforts His Closest Followers • Jesus Betrayed • Jesus’ Trial • Jesus Is Crucified and Buried • Resurrection of Jesus • After Resurrection • Restoration • Final Instructions • God’s Spirit • Stephen Arrested and Stoned • African Acts • Paul Meets Jesus • Peter and Cornelius • God Answers Cornelius’ Prayer • Philippian Jailer • Return.

Strategy Outcome:

Storytelling, witnessing, follow-up, evangelism and discipleship.

This training will give you the ability to use the Word of God effectively for multiplying discipleship.

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